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Micro Bakery

Real bread – hot from the oven, baked daily.

Order Your Loaves

We started making sourdough loaves during the Pandemic – back then, it was a matter of survival. Today, it is a matter of passion.

Best time to collect your loaves is between 4pm and 6pm (except Mondays).

Real bread right here

Leavened naturally for more than 24 hours at room temperature and then baked to perfection.

As is tradition, we use a mother dough also known as sourdough or wild yeast. The only ingredients used in making our bread is flour, water and salt.

For larger orders (6+ loaves) we require 72 hours notice and will confirm your order prior to processing.

The Classic

The real bread sourdough you know and love.

900g  |  $8.50 each


The real bread flavour frenzy that changes monthly.

900g  |   $12.50

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