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Dough To Go

Like travelling to Napoli without leaving your kitchen.

Get Some Dough!

Our dough is made with Double Zero flour imported from Italy. It is designed specifically for Napoletana pizza and is AVPN-approved.

Due to the long fermentation process and use of wild yeast, the dough becomes very digestible.

Dough’ing it right

Every dough is leavened naturally for more than 24 hours at room temperature.

As is tradition, we use a mother dough also known as sourdough or wild yeast. The only ingredients used in making our dough are flour, water, salt and lot of patience.

For large orders (12 or more doughs) we require 72 hours notice and will confirm your order prior to processing.


12oz Dough Balls
$7.50 each

Six Pack

6 x 12oz Dough Balls
$30 per pack

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